MMIHS.ORG is a site dedicated to increasing awareness of MMIHS and
providing support and resources for those affected by it.

The creation of this site is dedicated to all those who have been touched by this rare syndrome.
May our efforts contribute to making the future a place that is as extraordinary as each of you.

If you have any questions, comments, or input please utilize the contact page to get in touch.



Please download and print our brochures to help increase the education and awareness of MMIHS.


 General Brochure

The general brochure contains a description of MMIHS and a glimpse of what is can "look" like. It also includes an explanation of typical symptom management strategies and a list of things you should know straight from MMIHS families themselves!

It's a great brochure to print and pass out to friends, family members, educational staff, or anyone that knows or works with someone who has MMIHS.


 Professional Brochure

The professional brochure contains more detailed information regarding diagnosis and symptom management. This may be a great resource for people within the medical profession that work with MMIHS patients or should be aware of the syndrome!