Medical Supplies




The Vygon Protect-a-Spiral/ Lectro Spiral IV Extension Line allows freedom of movement
in a snag-free manner by adding stretch to infusion lines and reducing the
risk of tension and disconnection.



MMIHS families have found the Curos disinfecting port protectors very helpful in the fight against infection-causing microbes and central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI). Many families use these on their central lines when they are not in use to disinfect and protect from contamination.


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-10-14-48-pmThe NeoGrip by NeoTech can help keep tubing together and allows for better mobility. Some families have used it as an additional safety precaution for attaching tubing to clothing.


Nu-Hope Laboratories Inc Stoma Hole Cutter Tool with Center Clean Out Hole, Sharp Steel Blade, Clear Plastic Handle

No awkward cutting with scissors. It cuts consistently and accurately. It cuts easily with minimum pressure, only hand pressure is required. Clear plastic handle allows you to see where to cut. It is meant to cut through gelatinous substance only not paper or plastic. Nu-Hope can resharpen old cutter blade too.